In It to Win It

By Christopher Thackray and Wouter Lips
7th February 2020

Consumer values are changing as global demand for clean energy practices increases. This is the catalyst for companies to commit to transitioning their global operations to 100% renewable electricity. Further, younger and incumbent investors want to partner with companies that not only maximise shareholder returns, but also do it in a way that is socially responsible.

With insistence upon sustainability, new market entrants are challenging traditional energy firms. 

This means whether you want to be or not, you are already in the clean energy race. The question is: are you in it to win it?

In It to Win It: Entering the Clean Energy Race discusses the reputational, strategic, financial, and operational risks of failing to enter the clean energy race and offers forward-thinking solutions to assist your company in the effort to win the race. Inside the paper, we discuss:

  • Creating goodwill by drafting and releasing a ‘clean energy policy’
  • Anticipating regulations that require complete reliance on renewable energy
  • Engaging new sources of capital to support the transition to new energy products
  • Demanding regular updates on how suppliers are shifting to clean energy
By Christopher Thackray

Chris is a Managing Director of Periculum with extensive experience advising companies on the development of risk management, from credit and liquidity risk, to strategic, operational and reputational risk. Chris is a trusted advisor to Boards and C-suite executives across a variety of industries and is a keen author of risk management publications.

and Wouter Lips

Wouter Lips is the Credit and Liquidity Risk Manager at Periculum, based in London, United Kingdom. He enjoys reading, traveling, retail investing, watching football and experiencing new cuisines.