Risk Technologies

From reactive risk remediation to continuous monitoring for assurance in the safety and soundness of operations.

Technology to Predict
and Pre-empt Risk

Risk management is reactive in nature, but traditional techniques for managing threats are being revolutionized by technology. At Periculum, we offer solutions for predicting risk events so you can pre-emptively take action to mitigate harm to your company.


Predictive Risk Mitigation

Companies are faced with increasingly complex and interconnected risks that can manifest quickly into crisis events, cause severe financial, operational, and reputational damage, and threaten their survival. PredictLens is our cloud-based platform delivering predictive risk insights to advance beyond traditional risk analytics.

Controls Monitoring

Robotics combined with advanced data analytics.

Continuous and effective performance of controls to detect, prevent, and correct exposure to risks are critical to the safe and sound running of critical business processes. We provide you with the ability to automate the continuous monitoring, response and recovery of critical control defects through robotics combined with advanced data analytics.