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We are relentless in our drive for innovative risk management solutions, underpinned by a commitment to research and development. Our insights help clients see new risk management trends to face the future with confidence.

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Proposed new models to protect credit and liquidity against evolving and interconnected risks of new market realities.

Learn about the risks of failing to enter the clean energy race and solutions to win the race.

Dodging all risk is impossible, so preemptive mitigation must focus on strong controls to predict events.

Resilience helps you withstand, absorb, and recover from disruption. What are you willing to lose in a crisis?

Supply chains are at risk of being here today and gone tomorrow. Learn how to preemptively manage these risks.

Read practical insights and recommendations on integrating operational risk management into the fabric of your company.

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Operational resilience advances operational risk management, emphasising identification, measurement, and modeling across business services.

Operational resilience facilitates: better customer outcomes, the safety and soundness of the company, and wider market financial stability. Learn why it is the new pillar of strength for financial services.

In this blog, we discuss the consequences of COVID-led acceleration of industry reform to the credit and liquidity of companies.

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Thursday, 28th January

A discussion on the impact of business model and technology disruption on global markets and the opportunity for change

Thursday, 11th February

Resilience helps you withstand, absorb, and recover from disruption. Join our webinar for a deep dive on the role of governance in building operational resilience.

Thursday, 11th March

Learn more about the benefits of Operational Resilience on mitigating harm to customers and promoting financial and market stability.


In our latest infographic, learn how new market realities for the airline industry are forcing industry transformation amid credit & liquidity concerns.

The need for audit sector reform is gaining momentum as largescale companies experience the consequences of working with "too big to fail" firms.

The electric vehicle market is growing driven by socially responsible businesses, investors, and buyers. These statistics address the rise of EVs.