ESG Policy

Bold, principled, and collaborative ‘all-in’ approach.


Periculum is committed to delivering progressive winning solutions for our clients worldwide with our bold, principled, and collaborative ‘all-in’ approach.

Robust Risk Management

We know that the role of risk management is fast becoming as vital to a company as finance and is an indicator of strong leadership. As companies are increasingly exposed to a growing ecosystem of risks from strategic to operational, they recognise the importance of a robust risk management system to the overall success of their company. A company’s ability to withstand and recover from events leading to financial, operational, and reputational impact is vital, and having a robust system in place to manage those risks is key to outperforming competition.

Forward-looking Approach

We understand the challenges that companies face in shifting from a reactive risk management system to a more forward-looking, pre-emptive approach. Using predictive analytics and consolidated data frameworks that support your company for the long term, our solutions provide the foundation necessary for positive transformation. By identifying, measuring and managing a variety of threats before they arise, we provide you with peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your company is secure and resilient, removing risk management from your daily tasks.

Competitive Advantage

We all know that there is no success without risk. That’s why our unique approach facilitates a successful, trusting relationship between your frontline operations and your risk management practices, providing an acute competitive advantage. This allows your company to see accelerated improvements in risk management maturity, greater levels of transparency, and better stakeholder awareness of the end-to-end processes within your company.Educate to effect lasting

Guiding Principles

We are a client-led company, and we know that the best results happen when everyone involved shares a unified vision. That is why it is so important that our employees, suppliers and contractors uphold the same core values, behaviours, and ethics that inform our company culture, and why we feel strongly about educating our clients on these commitments.

We are committed to bringing bold innovation and authenticity to every client engagement.

We hold strong moral principles and act in accordance with those principles at all times.

We value honesty and transparency above all else, enabling customer trust and confidence.

We are respectful and collaborative, acting with integrity at all times.

We are the risk management solutions provider that walks hand-in-hand with our clients.

Our Commitments


We are committed to playing our part in building a prosperous and sustainable future, and carefully consider the impact our practices have on the environment. We make every effort to offset the impact of our corporate carbon emissions by making regular charitable donations to environmental causes.

As a consultancy firm, we travel regularly and, in keeping with our environmental policies, we encourage our team to approach travel plans with a balance of ecological and practical considerations.

When it comes to air travel, this means not always selecting the cheapest alternative, but rather the most direct to minimise carbon emissions. It also means utilising public transport where possible, provided that the delivery of excellence for our clients is not compromised.


We support several important social causes and mandate that all staff and contractors volunteer two working days annually to these charitable causes.

We conduct mandatory ethical and financial reviews as part of our client, supplier, and partner acceptance process, and will not progress with any companies whose corporate social values are not in alignment with our own. This includes but is not limited to companies with a history of criminal activity, exploitative child labour practices, associations with violent political or religious groups, or those who do not demonstrate responsible corporate practices.

We provide mandatory annual training for all employees to reinforce this value alignment process and take these important ethical considerations into account when selecting suppliers and contractors.


Fundamentally an outcome driven company, we benchmark all applicants on their performance above all else. We recruit based on alignment to our core values and principles, as well as the ability to work in an ethical manner.

The expectation of our team is that they demonstrate integrity at all times, applying our values to redefine the concept of a trusted advisor. We hold ourselves and our team to the highest ethical standards, with our aim, above all, being to create moments that matter for our clients through exceptional delivery.

We are proud to be a truly global company and we know that embracing globalisation makes us a stronger company. We are an inclusive and diverse company with employees around the world and with varying levels of experience and practice a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination of any kind, as well as for violations of ethics and integrity. We will never compromise our brand or reputation, regardless of the circumstances.


We continually aim for complete transparency in our governance and management structure, as well as creating a clear path of responsibility and accountability. We employ a policy of continual improvement by encouraging the regular and open challenge of any existing or pre-held beliefs and updating the view of our leaders and the company to reflect and embrace cultural and social changes.

We proudly adopt an inclusive approach to employee performance, ensuring our governance model is used to tackle any difficulties that arise and steer decisions that need to be made. We recognise that our willingness to act is critical to our ability to lead by example. Our corporate governance structure outlines the way we live our values and the high expectations we set for ourselves, and we encourage others across the risk management industry to adopt the structure.

We as a company strive to be politically neutral. Whilst we do not hold any political affiliations, we do not and will not recruit, nor work with, clients who exhibit a political bias motivated by discrimination.

We may at times support isolated political policies through our charitable, social contributions and volunteering work, but these do not represent any partisanship on behalf of our company.