Case Study

6th May 2020
Industry: Power & Utilities
Annual Revenues: £2bn+
Employees: 2,000+
Locations: US
Sponsor: Chief Financial Officer

A US power distribution company was facing escalating service and maintenance costs associated with aging and legacy infrastructure.

The growth of renewable energy sources combined with price pressures and increasing costs meant the company was facing new financial risks threatening the survival of the company.

Maintenance activities were difficult to prioritise. The visibility to risks associated with disruptions and outages were gaining media and regulatory attention following high-profile situations where communities were left for prolonged periods without energy supply during the height of the winter season.

Primary activities performed

Overhauled the maintenance planning and operations processes,

  • Performed a detailed analysis of prior infrastructure failures to identify maintenance and servicing patterns;
  • Conducted a sample assessment of root causes associated with material transmission failures;
  • Analysed the relationships between operational failures, causes and consequences;
  • Developed statistical models to identify explanatory variables linked to transmission and service failures;
    Identified leading causes of transmission vulnerabilities;
  • Developed vulnerability heatmaps to show the probability of operational outages; and
  • Designed new maintenance schedules to prioritise focus on key
    equipment and infrastructure vulnerabilities, while optimising the use of operations staff by identifying servicing needs within close proximity.

Key Results

  • A 10% reduction in maintenance costs within the first year
  • New servicing schedules to prioritise maintenance activities with an emphasis on outage prevention